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The Teachers


Vai Capoeira Instructors:

Vai Capoeira was founded by Kujo Ashanti who brought in his brother Chupacabra to form their first capoeira school in Newark Delaware, Vai Capoeira. Kujo and Chupa both started capoeira over 18 years ago learning a style familiar to those in Brazilian Pelourinho under their Mestre in Orlando, FL.  Since moving from FL both have experienced capoeira all over the world as well as parkour, breakdancing and other advanced movement.  Keeping the spirit of capoeira however they've developed a fitness regiment they call Akata.  Akata integrates many progression drills from calisthenics, breakdancing, parkour and capoeira to challenge anyone trying to up their game.


Today Vai Capoeira is primarily a Regional Capoeira Club, not quite as formal as a capoeira academy but they observe most capoeira traditions. Over the past 10 years since Vai Capoeira was established they have indoctrinated over 300 students into the capoeira community.  Kujo and Chupacabra have taught in several Universities such as the University of Delaware, Drexel University and even Lincoln University. The Akata program is still new and exciting but most importantly challenging!


We will push you, we will be there for you, and we will change they way you see yourself, both on the inside and in the mirror as well!



Kujo "Muito Loco" Ashanti

Professor Chupacabra

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