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Vai Capoeira: Akata is headed by Kujo Ashanti a kinesiology study, martial artist professional stuntman and capoeirista.   At Vai Capoeira you will learn how to move your body like you never have before. Vai Capoeira stresses physical fitness, mental awareness and balance. Three things that will benefit everyone, whether you're into combat, sports or just want to improve your quality of life!

New York Capoeira

Vai Capoeira: Akata mixes Capoeira with advanced body movement. This is not your traditional capoeira class.  While we observe various facets of capoeira tradition our focus is on strength training and fitness! 

We do offer traditional classes inquire inside!

Brooklyn Classes!



Vai Capoeira is now in Brooklyn, NY

for more information call today!

New York Capoeira
New York Capoeira

What is Capoeira?

Schedule & Classes

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